Transformational Vacations

  • ~An Ecstatic Transformative Experience~

“And know that your journey will be guided by the Goddess Herself”
Personal Healing and Tantric Transformation Vacations

Please accept this invitation to the blissful island of Maui to celebrate yourself in an atmosphere of LOVE, DEVOTION, hEALING, divine luxury, and personal pampering..

I will be your High Priestess, your Personal Tour Guide to show you the
Magical places of Maui.
You are personally invited to participate in an exclusive
Tantric Vacation of a Lifetime…

An elixir of playful fun; erotic pleasures; profound transformation; deep relaxation and physical exercise

The possibility of meeting new friends and attending wonderful creative musical events and parties.

An empowerment or initiation received through releasing
Es-Sensual Touch
and other delicious sessions.

Passion, power and play coupled with sun, healing waters, and MaMaMaui Magic.

Nothing is really on the agenda…
except what we choose…what inspires….

Some guidelines or structure may be given if you wish
Mostly you will experience immense freedom…
the freedom to be, to be your Self totally.

Entwining our hearts and souls we will specifically formulate that perfect potion individually tailored for you, beloveds…

This invitation is for Single Men or Women or Couples who would like to heal or deepen their Union with the assistance of a Dakini, a tantrically-trained Priestess.

Above and BeyondYour contribution is perfect. Your service is impeccable.

Your beauty is exquisite. Grace and harmony embrace your footsteps always.

…The Luscious Lifestyles Community showers you with Light, Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Appreciation.

Jasmuheen, Light-eater, Queensland, Australia