Romantic Getaways

LoversImagine an Exotic first, second or third Honeymoon together in a Breathtaking Tropical Paradise…Explore the more sacred side of each other and Delve into the Mysteries of Intimacy, Sensuality, Dreams… and Radiant Health!!

Take that much needed break from your quotidienne existence to experience the pleasure the two of you once shared but perhaps had long forgotten could be possible…

Come to Maui ~ where migrating mammals winter in the warm water channels between the Hawaiian Islands; while off-shore fellow whales compete for their mates, birth their young, and exuburantly breach their 40+ ton bodies out from the depths of blue seas.

Maui’s Lakalani offers Personal Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit with your Beloved near the world’s best secluded beaches.

Coconut/Smoothie breakfasts with daily beachwalks, swims with turtles (possibly dolphins), lazy afternoon naps on warm sandy beaches, campfires, candy-colored sunsets, moonrises, star-filled heavens and fabulous musical nights.

A revolutionary opportunity to create the life you dream of together.


Can you imagine a safe space in which you can relax and completely surrender to the creation of a healthy, vibrant new life?

Harmonize your thoughts, emotions and diets.

Eat healthy, sumptious island style food, get fullbody EssensualTouch massages or upgrade your erotic massage exchanges w/your partner.


Other life skills include intimacy coaching, shamanic journeys, meditation and communication skills. Learn how to de-fuse an argument, be “heard” by your partner, and have your needs met by learning Compassionate Communication-NVC.

Some couples learn Yoga, others Shiatsu, Reiki, LomiLomi, or Thai Massage. Some learn their Ayurvedic body type for better food choices. Some go to Luaus or Heiaus (temples) dabbling in the relics of Hawaiiana. Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, WhaleSailing (in season), Surfing, Kayaking, Kiteboarding, WindSurfing, Golf, Tennis, NiteClubbing, Trinket Shopping, Beachcombing, SunBathing, Fish Grilling, Dolphin Poddies or just do your own thing.

On Sundays we Go Native! Neo-Tribal FireDancing Ritual Drum Circle on the clothing optional beach at sunset…What a memorable experience that is!

The perfect and unique way to celebrate your new life together- travel and adventure as well as private time, coaching…and lots of yummy massage.

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Shared values

Deeper Intimacy

Communication Skills

Mutual Goals

Vibrant Dreams

New Life Plans

Robust Health and Vitality

New Food and Eating Strategies


Options include:

Tantric Initiations

Wedding Ceremonies

Vow Renewals

Shamanic Initiations

Fasting and Colonics

~ Healthy Honeymoons, Erotic/Exotic Honeymoons, Adventure Honeymoons ~


A unique blend of each now offered